Dussin Nicola

Nicola Dussin

Data Scientist - Customer Insights Expert

Name:Dussin Nicola
Date of birth:September 10, 1976
Address:20135, Milan, Italy
Phone:on demand
interests in web marketing & web design

ND - Nicola Dussin "Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." A. de S-E

I - Employment

2010 - present

Giorgio Armani SpA – HQ, Milan

Data Scientist

Retail Performance – DW/Analitycs & New Technologies Dept.   |   2015-present
Datawarehousing, Business Intelligence, Efficiency of Store Systems

  • Defining the company approach to new technologies in order to improve the in-store customer experience
  • Defining standard reporting tools for buying, retail office and stores by implementing a Retail datawarehousing platform where users can access to both product (sell-through, stock analysis, …) and sales (UPT, SPT, conversion rate, …) KPIs figures
  • Optimize efficiency and accessibility of store systems, working closely with the Information Systems Dept.

CRM Office   |   2013-2014

  • Defining/Running Clustering Process with SAP InfiniteInsight (formerly KXEN): segment customers with similar characteristics and behaviors to increase loyalty and customer lifetime value
  • Analyse clients “Clusters Migration” in different periods and assign a cluster profile to all new clients
  • Apply the “Predictive Analysis” feature (SAP InfiniteInsight) to assign a “propensity purchasing” score to each client
  • Running “Market Basket Analysis” (“Social” feature of SAP InfiniteInsight) aimed at uncovering the associations and connections between products
  • Customer Insights: support of management and stores with reports and analysis to facilitate client relations and understanding
  • Managing of digital campaigns (e-blast and sms campaigns, CLAB platform)

CRM Office   |   2010-2012

  • Running of reports on clients retention, reactivation and acquisition on a range of marketing campaigns (events, catalogues, VIP sales, digital campaigns)
  • Running of RFM (recency, frequency and monetary) and socio-demo clients analysis
  • Defining of semi-annual CRM objectives (association, retention and reactivation rates) for the store staff
  • Liaising with IT department on SAP CRM WW project (integration of USA, China+HK CRM systems with the European system – strategic objective: new unify client centric DB)
  • Collaboration with Trade Marketing department in order to perfect on Traffic Building and Guidelines projects (cross-functional teamwork)
  • Managing the Armaniwiki, internal WW platform for integrated store events information and guidelines management, collaborating with external  consultants
2008 - 2010

Vodafone Italy – HQ, Milan

CRM Expert

Quality & Development Department

  • Managing, designing and analysing of appropriate incentive schemes, according to priorities and strategic activities: monthly GrandPrix (impact on 2500 FTE) and quaterly MBO/STIP
  • Monitoring and analysing of Vodafone customer base (customer profiling) to define/improve customer care strategies
  • Write up of short and effective reports to back up analysis and proposals. Presentation of these reports to upper management makers
2004 - 2008

Vodafone Italy – HQ, Milan

Senior Business Analyst

Analysis & Operational Planning Department

  • Focused on demand planning, forecasting and budgeting process (annual budgeting and quarterly review)
  • Dedicated to Top-Up Channel, doing business critical analysis and proposing solutions to the senior management on key business decisions
  • Driving the reporting team forward to achieve set targets and guiding team members in detailed analysis work
  • Supportive role to Planning Control Office and Marketing Plan Division
  • Implementation of MBO/STIP processes through data processing with a 50% work time reduction
  • Implementation of business cases for the openings of new point of salesProcesses optimization with a time savings in sending and publishing analysis (daily, weekly and monthly performance reports)
  • Development and implementation of a database related to 4000 points of sales
  • Responsible for measuring and monitoring forecast accuracy, developing key working relationships with key commercial staff
2003 - 2003

Lotto Sport Italy SpA – HQ, Treviso

Sales Analyst

Sales Planning & Coordination Department

  • Detailed analysis of quantitative and qualitative data in order to determine and validate optimum sales forecast
2002 - 2002

Replay Fashion Box Group SpA, HQ – Treviso

BI Analyst

Information Technology Department

SAP R/3 BW development
  • Translate reporting requirements into a working BW solution concept
  • Work with the BW architect for design of structures, info cubes and BW data models

II - Education

Other Courses

Pricing (SDA Bocconi – School of Management)

Project Management (SDA Bocconi – School of Management)

III - Languages

2006 - 2009


Institute “Centro Linguistica Cinese” Milan

Study abroad : Beijing, China – Sprachcaffe Language School – 3 weeks period

2004 - 2004


Study abroad : London, UK | Malvern House College – 6 months period

IV - Computer Skills


  • HTML (HyperText Markup Language)
  • CMS (Content Management System) – WordPress | Joomla | Drupal
  • Google – Analytics | AdWords | AdSense
  • Adobe – Photoshop | Illustrator

V - Pastimes

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